Kings Baseball Team



I am King Sports was established in 2011.  We started our first t-ball team with fifteen players ages 5-6.  Since then our program has grown to 50+ players.  Our goal is to have fun, teach fundamental baseball and develop community leaders.  Our program teaches fundamentals and incorporates athleticism and baseball strategy into a winning formula.


  • 10U - Ranked #8 in the Sate of Missouri 
  • 10U - Champions -  KC Sports Global Clash
  • 9U - Champions - Teamwork Sports Invitational
  • 8U - Ranked #1 in the State of Missouri
  • 8U - Champions - Teamwork Sports Invitational
  • 8U - Champions - KC T-Bones Dinger Tournament
  • 8U - Champions - Sports America Coach's Choice Tournament
  • 8U - Champions - KC Sports Tournament
  • 8U - Champions - KC Sports State Tournament



About our teams

T-Ball - Ages 5 & 6  - The goal of t-ball is to have fun and introduce the fundamentals of the game.  Our young Kings will learn the following:

  • Techniques to field a ground ball
  • Proper throwing motion
  • Defensive strategy on force outs
  • Fundamentals of base running
  • How to address the plate and swing a bat

Machine Pitch - Ages 7 & 8  - In machine pitch, the players learn how to hit a moving ball without the nuances of inconsistent pitches.  At this level, our Kings will enhance their running, batting, fielding and throwing skills as well as develop the following:

  • Catching thrown balls, pop flies and line drives
  • Develop base running skills i.e. when to tag up
  • Hit pitched balls and recognize good v. bad pitches
  • Enhance defensive strategy - turning double plays and anticipating "what to do if the ball comes to me"

Kid's Pitch - Age 9U  -This level introduces all aspects of baseball, the players will pitch the ball and play by high school rules.  In addition to enhancing their running, batting, fielding and throwing, our Kings will focus on learning the following:

  • Batting safety - how to protect yourself at the plate
  • Batting strategy - what pitches to anticipate given the count
  • How to bunt
  • How to steal bases and get the proper lead off
  • Pitching and pick off moves
  • How to hold a runner on base / throw a stealing runner out
  • Defensive strategy and positioning - how to defend against the bunt

10U and older  - Smarter, Faster, Stronger - This is real baseball.  At this level, the game becomes more competitive and the players are expected to perform physically and mentally.