Donation Campaigns

Sadie B. Cole specialized in uplifting others and making sure you felt seen, heard, and valued. Bringing joy was one of her many gifts.  The memorial fund is in honor of her lifelong commitment to education.  Our heart, love, and prayers go out to her family.

Carl Evans is the Grandfather of the Kings and officially the #1 fan.  While you could catch him on 43rd & Cleveland at RBI games or at the 8:00 am tournament games, t-ball practice was his absolute favorite.  On Monday mornings, you could find him watching the weekend's highlights on YouTube and telling Coach Chris the game plan for next week.  He ALWAYS emphasized that the players respected their mothers and made good grades in school.  Coach Evans made a lasting impression on players, parents, coaches, umpires, and even the opposing team's fans.  Rest well Coach, you deserve it!  

Team Players

"Baseball used to be the sport where all you needed was a stick and a ball.  It used to be a way out for poor kids.  Now it's a sport that increasingly freezes out kids whose  parents don't have the income to finance the travel baseball circuit...We need to find a better (and most definitely cheaper) way to give those kids a chance..."

Andrew McCutchenLeft Out (McCutchen plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates and is an MLB All Star and National League MVP

The I AM KING FOUNDATION is an 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and seeks to level the playing field in little league baseball for young boys.  We believe that competitive baseball is a tool that can teach our young Kings character, discipline and integrity while developing them into positive community leaders.  Our program emphasizes academic excellence and social responsibilty to prepare our student athletes for a successful life after little league.

"Our Kings need your help!  Developing successful leaders requires the influence of an entire community - corporations, local businesses, churches, schools, family, friends and most importantly you.  Please make a tax-deductible donation today.  Your generous contribution is the key to unlocking the future for these young leaders.