Our Mission

To educate, inspire and empower young men to become community leaders.

The I AM KING FOUNDATION seeks to level the playing field in little league baseball for young boys.  We believe that competitive baseball is a tool that teaches our young Kings character, discipline and integrity while developing them into positive community leaders. To prepare our players for a successful life after little league, our program emphasizes academic excellence and social responsibility.  The I AM KING FOUNDATION is an 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The Queens took over the reigns and ran up the score.  When the Moms are in charge, there is absolutely no mercy rule!  

It all started with a ride home after a little league game.  My wife gave me and my sons her "feedback" on the coaching decisions for the entire ride home... and that's when we decided that the Queens should coach for at least 1 game.  This turned out greater than expected and a lot of fun for everyone.  Check out the pics below.